Rise of Men Tummy Tucks

The number of Tummy Tucks has increased nearly 25% due to men wanting to fit into Speedos for this summer.

Daniel Craig’s performance in Casino Royale started this craze for skimpy swimwear.
Besides Tummy Tuck, Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia) and upper thigh Liposuction have risen.

Men are pressured to match the stomachs of celebrities such as Peter Andre, Frank Lampard or the mentioned Daniel Craig, and they decide to get surgeries done.
Traditional, baggy shorts can hide multiple defects, but Speedos do no such thing.
Nurses explain that patients declare that the main reason to get Tummy Tuck are the imminent revelations that take place on the beach.
Many of the men that want to get the Tummy Tuck, aka “Speedo sag” surgery, have lost weight or started a fitness plan and are looking for a surgery that can remove pockets of fat or loose flaps of skin from their stomach.
This is the final step to achieve the body they want.

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  2. […] Googled it to find out. It has to do with the male’s abdominal skin and fat which falls over the top of the Speedo. […]

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